Meet Our Teachers

Lindsey Nelson Highlands Pilates Denver Teacher Owner

Lindsey Nelson, Pilates Teacher, Owner

Curiosity, compassion, and physicality are the driving forces in Lindsey’s teaching. Practicing for 20 years and teaching for nine, she began her journey with the Pilates method as a classical ballet dancer in Mount Vernon, Ohio. While studying theoretical mathematics at Ohio State University, Lindsey experienced crippling low back and neck pain. She turned to Pilates for relief, and mindful movement saved her spine. Overwhelmed with enthusiasm, she chose to make a career shift. Lindsey has made it her mission to help others understand their bodies and find joy within them.

Lindsey received her B.A. in theoretical mathematics in 2009. From there, she completed the Advanced Teacher Training program at the Pilates Center of Boulder, Colorado, widely considered the most comprehensive program offered in the world. Lindsey has attended workshops on low back pain, pre and post-natal Pilates, Core-Align, group teaching techniques, and more. She has also given workshops on intermediate to advanced progression. For three years, Lindsey worked side-by-side with some of the most respected physical therapists on the Front Range. She has taught people with sciatica, scoliosis, knee, hip and shoulder replacements, neurological disorders, stenosis, disc problems, Parkinson’s, and more. She has also helped professional athletes, dancers, golfers, physical laborers, movement enthusiasts, bikers, runners, and skiers hone their craft through strength, agility, and body awareness. Lindsey’s clients have ranged in age from 13 to 88. She is so grateful to have her practice in her favorite neighborhood in Denver!

Greer Evins Highlands Pilates Denver Teacher

Greer Evins, Pilates Teacher

Originally from Santa Cruz, California, Greer was introduced to Pilates at the age of 17 when she moved to Boulder, Colorado. As fate would have it, she took her very first class at the Pilates Center of Boulder. Her passion was sparked immediately, and after a few years, she returned to Boulder to enter into the Pilates Center of Boulder’s Advanced Teacher Training Program. In January of 2012, she completed the 1000 hour internship and began her journey as a teacher.

Her passion for the study of healthy movement was sparked young — as a small child, Greer spent many of her days at her parents’ Martial Arts Center in Cupertino, California. She has a deep love and respect for the environment of support and nurturing that the Pilates community provides for all who are interested in health and fitness. Whether your practice is about maintaining balance to more effectively pursue your own physical passions, or you are redefining yourself as a healthy and physically sound person after illness, injury, or a sedentary lifestyle, Greer understands intimately how Pilates can restore health of the body, mind, and spirit and “return you to life.” She is grateful to be able to share her love of the method with others. When not teaching and exploring her own Pilates practice, Greer can be found hiking, practicing yoga, and appreciating all forms of creative expression she can find.

Katie Wiegman Highlands Pilates Denver Teacher

Katie Wiegman, Pilates Teacher, Dancer

Katie was born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She moved to Miami, Fl to pursue a conservatory degree in dance from the New World School of the Arts. Katie has been teaching and performing in Denver since 2017. She began dancing at the age of 7, and currently enjoys a busy performing career both nationally and internationally as a professional dancer and choreographer. Katie is inspired by the human body’s infinite capacity for growth and change. She loves sharing her passion for movement with others through dance and  Pilates. More than an instructor, Katie sees herself as a facilitator, helping others to experience the wisdom and potential of their bodies. She has been teaching Pilates since 2010, and has studied several movement practices including Gyrotonics, Gaga technique, and Alexander Technique. Katie uses the Biomechanics Method© of Structural Assessment with clients to identify structural imbalances and create personalized corrective exercise programs addressing chronic pain and disfunction. She has experience teaching many different bodies, from 6 year old ballerinas to senior citizens. Katie is lighthearted when teaching, and believes the mind is the most important muscle to train. If the mind can imagine it, the body can do it!


Heather Phifer, Pilates Teacher

Heather Phifer began her exploration of Pilates as a practitioner in 2008, seeking strength and confidence in her body that generic workouts couldn't provide. She found Pilates to be an invigorating, yet relaxing practice, and it became crucial to include Joseph Pilates' principles in her life permanently. In 2009, Heather received her certification from East West Pilates under the supervision of Donna McLean and continued her education with Pilates Aligned under the supervision of 2nd generation teacher Cara Reeser by completing a 6 month observation and practice intensive.

The physical stamina of Pilates is what drives Heather to take an athletic approach. Her teaching style emphasizes strength and endurance with proper form, flexibility and a mental connection to movement. When you join Heather in the studio, her creativity keeps your time on the equipment and mat unique, challenging and entertaining. She relates the skills and strength you attain in Pilates to your everyday movements outside the studio.

Heide Manns Highlands Pilates Denver Teacher

Heide Manns, Pilates Teacher, Acupuncturist

Heide is a Florida native who began her personal experience in athletics as a competitive equestrian. The sport horses that she worked with received massage, chiropractic, acupuncture and specific training protocols for enhanced physical performance.  Heide’s lifelong interest in wellness began there. Through the dedication, hard work, focus and physical demand that advanced riding and equine management require, she earned a respect for the mind-body connection and physical effort that she fosters in her practice today. 

At the age of 19, Heide began her professional career in the field of athletics and wellness as a certified personal trainer. She went on to receive her Master of Science in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine at Dragon Rises College of Oriental Medicine in Gainesville, FL. Heide worked in an integrated wellness center during her Master’s program, creating therapeutic exercise programs for clients with specific muscular imbalances. After graduation, she moved to the Florida Keys to soak up some sunshine. She achieved a position at the local hospital as an exercise physiologist in their clinical wellness center. During her time there, she worked closely with the cardiac and pulmonary rehab departments to design and implement a functional strength component for their programs. Heide worked as the exercise expert in the Diabetes Care Center and Created a Childhood Weight Management Program for local schools. During her time in the keys, Heide also developed her own part-time acupuncture practice. Most patients were direct referrals from the wellness center and Heide’s Medical Exercise/Sports Medicine experience grew extensively. 

In 2012 Heide experienced an episode of extreme back pain that turned out to be the result of an intervertebral disc rupture due to a hereditary condition of degenerative discs and scoliosis. This brought Heide to Pilates. She had the honor of developing a personal pilates practice in the knowledgeable hands of Certified Romana’s Pilates Instructors. As Heide began to see and feel the difference that Pilates was making in her life, she decided to become an instructor and share the joy with others! After a personal mentorship with her own Romana’s Instructors and completion of the Power Pilates Comprehensive Training Program, Heide took her certificate and all of her experience to Colorado. She now practices acupuncture at Life Long Acupuncture in Arvada Colorado and integrates pilates into her practice.  She has joined Highlands Pilates and is incredibly excited to teach alongside such knowledgeable and skilled pilates teachers! When Heide is not working or doing pilates, she enjoys meditation, yoga, weightlifting, being outdoors, riding horses, snowboarding, cooking, visiting with her friends, and loving her dog!