1. Pilates For My Feet?

    Most of us plod around on our feet all day without giving them much thought. However, the foot is one of the most complex and important mechanisms in the human body. The structure of your foot allows for proper ankle alignment. If the ankles are out of alignment, the knees don’t stand a chance... …Read More

  2. Pilates for Pre/Post Natal

    With so much to think about before and after your baby comes, planning a pre/post natal exercise routine can get left by the wayside. Think twice! There is an overwhelming amount of research showing the benefits of staying fit during your pregnancy, both for you and your future child. Regular exerci…Read More

  3. Dealing With Chronic Pain

    For anyone who has experienced chronic pain, it can be a frustrating and emotional battle, affecting your energy levels and even your mood on a daily basis. At Highlands Pilates, all of our teachers have the patience and experience to help. You cannot control everything that goes on in your body, bu…Read More