Introductory Special

Our special for new students is the perfect way to get acquainted with Pilates, our teachers, and your body! We suggest taking advantage of these sessions before taking part in a Duet class. This ensures your safety and allows for a more tailored experience. One-time offer for new clients only.

• Three Private Sessions: $150

Private Sessions:

Private sessions at Highlands Pilates are ideal for making drastic changes in your body and mind. Work one-on-one with one of our amazing teachers to understand your own anatomical workings on a level you never have before.

• One Private Session: $80
• Five Private Sessions: $375
• Ten Private Sessions: $700

Typically, Pilates appointments are 60 minutes long. For those who need a little extra time or a little less, we’ve added the option for 90 and 30 minute sessions.

• One 90-Minute Private Session: $120
• Five 90-Minute Private Sessions: $565
• Ten 90-Minute Private Sessions: $1,050

• One 30-Minute Private Session: $50
• Five 30-Minute Private Sessions: $225
• Ten 30-Minute Private Sessions: $400

Duet Sessions:

Who doesn’t enjoy a little comradery along the way? A Duet is a two-person class. It’s a great way to save some money and have a little fun! We pride ourselves on giving deep attention to detail, even in a group setting. Prices are per student.

• One Duet Session: $50
• Five Duet Sessions: $225
• Ten Duet Sessions: $400

Student-Teacher Sessions:

We are hosting a student teacher on Saturdays. She is offering discounted sessions while she completes the student teaching hours required by her internship. She’s a wonderful teacher in the making, and we’re lucky to have her! This is a great option for someone who wants to explore Pilates private sessions or Duets and is comfortable growing alongside their teacher. Visit our Teachers page to learn more about our current student teacher, Chloe Klapish.

• One Student Teacher Private Session: $40
• Five Student Teacher Private Sessions: $190
• Ten Student Teacher Private Sessions: $350

• One Student Teacher Duet Session: $25
• Five Student Teacher Duet Sessions: $115
• Ten Student Teacher Duet Sessions: $200